News: Jared Leto clearly enjoyed himself at the Destiny 2 launch

Jared Leto attended the Destiny 2 London launch party last night, and clearly had an amazing time. Leto was there with fellow Thirty Seconds To Mars-er Tomo Milicevic for a promo appearance, the photos of which are amazing. 

Personally I’m a fan of the full length shot, because you can see how many different patterns Leto has incorporated into his outfit, so let’s look at it again.

All the photos have their charm, of course, although for some reason most non-gaming outlets are focusing on some comments he made about the Joker instead. 

Leto did muster enthusiasm for interviews though. In this one, with On Demand Entertainment, he says that they’re ‘Big supporters of the world of gaming,’ and Milicevic describes Destiny as ‘One of the best games ever made, actually.’ Alright, steady on there, Tomo.

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